Shrinkable Vacuum Bags

The Barrier Packaging Company distributes and stocks the KREHALON ML40 range of shrink bags that will package, protect and present your products in an eye-catching manner.
KREHALON ML40 bags are designed for use in the meat, cheese, poultry, game and fish industries. With their shrink and superior optical properties ML40 bags are designed to give a high strength and almost glass-like second skin to all your products.

Available types

ML40 bags are available in the following types/thicknesses:

1.    ML40-G

The standard 40 micron bag, for all general purpose applications.

2.    ML40-I

A 50 micron thickness shrink bag to suit more demanding applications.

3.    ML40-MU

A 90 micron bag for very high abuse applications and most bone-in products.

4.    ML40-X

A 130 micron shrink bag for the most demanding applications including high exposed bones or container packed products.

5.    MLF40

A modified gas barrier bag for cheese and other products requiring CO² release.
Available bag sizes


•    Bottom sealed bags (ML40-B)
widths 165mm to 550mm
lengths 200mm to 1300mm (in 25mm increments)

•    Side sealed bags (ML40-S)
widths 90mm to 450mm
lengths 165mm to 550mm (as tubing)

•    Straight sealed bags (ML40-R)
widths 165mm to 550mm (as tubing)
lengths 200mm to 1100mm (in 25mm increments)

TBPC offer all ML40 bags as clear bags. MLF40 is available in the following colours:
White45, yellow20, yellow34, yellow50, yellow80, orange10, red30, green70, blue65, black90.

Colours could be made if large quantities are required.

The ML40 bag is also available taped for easy loading and automatic bag loading machinery.

Flexographic printing is available on one or two sides with up to 10 colours.
Technical support
Our technical support team advise customers on suitable bag sizes and thickness for each customer application.

The recommended shrink temperature is 90°C.
The ideal storage temperature is 15-20°C with a relative humidity of 50-60%.
Temperature should not exceed 25°C. Avoid direct sunlight. The best protection for ML40 bags is the original packaging, so please do not open the cartons until the bags are to be used, and follow the ‘first-in-first-out’ rule. The cartons of ML40 bags should not be stacked more than 7 high.