PVC Stretch Films

The Barrier Packaging Company distribute the Linpac range of LINwrap stretch films.

These films offers crystal clear clarity in a range of materials and thicknesses to
suit all product requirements and budgets. Our films are designed to work effectively with your machine and
tray choices, and print options are available to help you market and brand your products.

Customers want the clearest view possible of the food they are buying so they can be reassured they are
getting the best products available. They also want to know their products are protected from contamination, puncture or damage on their way back home.

We understand the importance retailers place on presenting food products in the best way possible to
maximise sales. Retailers also want to prolong shelf life to minimise food waste.

Manufacturers and suppliers require their films to be easy to handle and to perform well, whether
on automated or manual lines; achieving maximum production efficiencies and increasing product value.

You want your film supplier to provide the lowest gauge solutions to manage the environmental concerns of retailers and consumers whilst still ensuring the films offer excellent cling, are easy to unwind and are resistant to tearing.

Protein Sector

LINPAC’s comprehensive range of stretch films offers excellent presentation and protection for protein products for any budget. Designed to provide optimum results with manual or automatic wrapping applications, our range of films is suitable for every type of protein product, including those with a high fat content. We have designed our films to meet your needs as well as the needs of retailers and consumers. Our films, made from PVC or polyolefin, provide the packaging solutions you require, from double layer films to improve puncture resistance to those with excellent anti fog properties.

With LINPAC you can be confident we will deliver our promises in terms of security of supply, adherence to all EU regulations and technical support. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to working with you to deliver the best stretch films for your packaging needs.

Fruit and Produce Sector

LINPAC’s extensive range of films for the fruit and produce sector will keep your products in optimum condition, minimising damage and maximising sales.
We know consumers want the freshest produce possible, free from damage and ready to eat.
Retailers want their stock perfectly presented on the shelves and in excellent condition with minimal food waste caused by damage in transit.
We understand growers and packers need a film designed to be easy to handle which works efficiently with machinery and offers excellent puncture resistance and good cling and stretch.

The Linpac Range includes:


We know you require a wide variety of film widths and thicknesses and the LINwrap range has a film option to meet your needs.

- Designed specifically to suit the needs of fresh fruit and vegetables.

- Suitable for automatic stretch wrapping machines.

- A range of film thicknesses and widths available to suit all types of machines and applications.

- Keeps produce fresh and tasty.

- Offers excellent product presentation.

- Easy to use offering tear resistance and optimum elasticity to give easy unwinding on wrapping machine.

- Double layer film offers good puncture resistance and excellent clingability to itself for sealing.

- The clarity and gloss of the film gives enhanced product presentation.


A multi-layer PVC stretch film, specifically designed to offer exceptional tear and puncture resistance.

- Films available to suit both protein and dairy products.

- Optimised for machine handling, Zenium is designed to reduce the need for re-wraps

whether you’re sealing products manually or automatically.

- Easy to use as the film does not tear but offers optimum elasticity to ensure easy unwinding on

the wrapping machine and good clingability to itself for sealing.


PVC film designed specifically for use with cheese.

- Suitable for manual applications.

- Three film thicknesses available in a variety of widths to suit all needs.

- Easy to use as the film does not tear but offers optimum elasticity to ensure ease of unwinding.

- The clarity and gloss of LINalta gives excellent product presentation.

- Good stretchablity ensures that the amount of film required to wrap each product is kept to a minimum.

- Double layer films offer excellent puncture resistance.

- Anti-fog properties ensure excellent product visibility.


a complete range of polyolefin films to suit both manual and automatic applications.

- LINwrap OptiLIN – designed to run on automatic ‘elevator’ type wrapping machines.

- LINwrap LINfirst – designed for linear wrapping machines.

- LINwrap MultiLIN – suitable for manual applications.

- Offers a combination of high gloss and excellent transparency with good anti-fogging properties.

- ‘Snap back’ memory guarantees attractive product presentation.

- Good welding properties for both manual and automatic packing.

Available in various thicknesses to suit all product and machinery requirements.


Our PVC film printing options are an effective way to market and brand your products, adding value.

They are a cost effective way of communicating essential product information and can be used for in-store promotions.

We understand that consumers are increasingly looking at the information available on packaging

whilst retailers are also looking at cost effective ways of displaying in-store promotions.

Whether you are looking to communicate essential information like ingredients, safety data or cooking

times; or if you are looking for product differentiation and personalisation, we have the printing options for you.

Suitable for both automatic and manual stretch film applications, LINPAC use water based inks during the

manufacturing process so there’s no risk of residual solvent on the film contaminating food products.

Our Flexo printing is available both inside and outside the film and offers a choice of up to eight colours

enabling you to design complex, high quality graphics.