Long Life Shelf Stable Film & Pouches

Re-tortable High Barrier Film & Pouches

The Barrier Packaging Company can offer the ‘KREHALON’ ultra high barrier pouches for high temperature retort applications, long shelf stable "Flexible Can" applications, such as soups, fish, rice, pet food and other canned foods.

Available structure
The KREHALON people incorporate their own specially developed BESELA® ultra high barrier coating. BESELA® consists of a modified Poly Acrylic Acid (PAA) coating on PET base film.


High Abuse Pouches

Ultra high barrier
BESELA® 's ultra oxygen barrier enables shelf lives of 1 to 1.5 year, which allows BESELA®  to enter the packaging market segment originally dominated by metal cans, glass jars and aluminium pouches.

Superior heat resistance
BESELA®  can be used for retort and pasteurisation applications. Contrary to other barrier foils, gas barrier of BESELA®  improves during retort and boiling.

Abuse resistance
Because of the flexible organic coating, BESELA®  has a superior abuse resistance compared to other metallized materials. Therefore BESELA®  is very suitable for (high) retort and boiling applications, institutional heavy weight pillow packs/pouches as well as for usage on high speed forming and filling machines.

As a result of the BESELA®  ultra high barrier without the need for metallized coatings, the pouches or film can be offered with high transparency and microwave possibilities.

Environmental benefits and consumer convenience
BESELA®  pouch offers minimized weight and volume compared to metal cans and glass packing. In addition, BESELA®  pouch, when handled appropriately, is easy and safe to open, to handle and to dispose of. It can also be used in the microwave.

Available bag sizes

  • Side sealed pouches 3 seal (available as stand up pouch)
         Widths 150mm to 500mm
         Lengths 200mm to 500mm (in 25mm increments)

Available thicknesses
From 80 to 150 micron.

Flexographic or gravure printing is available on one or two sides with up to 8 colours.

Pouches or Film is supplied as sandwich print, using laminate structures. CHEEECCCCCKKKK