Co-extruded Pouches

Tubular 2 & 3 side seal, Stand Up & Gusseted Pouches.

Medium Barrier (PA)
High Barrier (EVOH)
3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 layers
Thicknesses from 60 to 250mym
Bag sizes
Widths - 110mm to 1300mm
Length - 150mm to over 2 metres
Standard, Cookable, Microwaveable Retort & Sous-Vide
Clear or Coloured
Plain or Printed

• Standard Medium Barrier – PA/PE

The Barrier Packaging Company offer a full range of high clarity PA/PE pouches for general purpose vacuum packaging of meat, cheese, fish, produce & poultry,
Thicknesses range from 60 – 250mym.
Barrier properties and PA content vary depending on application and specific customer requirements.

High Barrier – PA/EVOH/PE – PP/EVOH/PE

For those applications requiring extra shelf life The Barrier Packaging Company offer PA/EVOH/PE & PP/EVOH/PE combinations for cheese meat fish produce and poultry.
Thicknesses range from 80 – 240mym.
Barrier properties and PA/EVOH & PP/EVOH content vary depending on application and specific customer requirements

Cooking Pouches – Boilable & Microwaveable

The Barrier Packaging Company offer a range of barrier cooking pouches in 3, 5 and 7 layers incorporating a combination of high strength & heat resistant sealing polymers for applications requiring boiling, steam, and microwave cooking.
We specialise in high abuse applications including shellfish, bone in ribs, produce and bacon & ham products

Gusseted Pouches – back seam

A recent new addition to The Barrier Packaging Company family of products is the gusseted pouch. This is particularly suitable for uniform cubed products where a comfortable snug fit is required. We produce a K-Seal Gusseted Bottom pouch with a back seam using polymers that allow for excellent seal integrity through the gusseted overlap.
It is particularly popular in the cheese industry for 20 – 60kg blocks and hot-fill applications.
Gusseted Pouches can be supplied in standard grades and thicknesses or in High Barrier Grades.
Please note min quantities may apply.

• Technical support

The Barrier Packaging Company offer a full range of technical support and expertise to advise you on suitable structures, bag sizes and barrier properties required for your specific application.

Please contact The Barrier Packaging Company with further details for your specific application.